Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Third Trimester!

I can't believe we are finally here.  It seems so surreal to even have made it this far and we are getting so excited to meet our little guys.  I think they are excited too, most days it feels like they are trying to punch their way out me.

At our 28 week apt we had another big ultrasound, I say big because we get an ultrasound at every appointment due to the fact that we are having twins.  I qualify them big if they do more than check the heartbeats and positions.   The big 28 week ultrasound showed that both boys are still head down (yay!) and growing right on track.  Righty was weighing in at 2lbs 7oz and Lefty was weighing in at 2lbs 6oz, I am hoping they bulk up in the coming weeks, I want big healthy babies!  It has amazed me throughout all of these past weeks how close they boys are, heartbeats always one or two beats apart, weight and all other measurements almost identical, they are so similar already.  The last appointment also marked my glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes and I was secretly worried.  Normally I eat pretty healthy and avoid sugars and complex (or all) carbs but this pregnancy has totally changed that, my sudden craving for chocolate had me a little concerned but I managed to pass with no worries.

Since I blogged last we also had our childbirth prep class at the hospital and it was interesting to say the least.  Up until now I hadn't really even thought about the idea of a C-Section, mostly because my doctor has never brought it up and my mom was able to deliver two sets of twins vaginally, I guess I just assumed I would too.  The class kind of changed my perspective on all that, some scary stats were quoted (like that 80% of multiple births end up in c-section) that got me a little freaked out.  I always have said that I would be flexible about the birthing process, things come up and happen that I won't have control over and in the end I just want healthy babies but I hadn't really thought in depth about going through that process myself.  We learned lots of helpful breathing techniques, I got to show Brady how I like my back rubbed and of course we discussed the drugs.  I have major props for any woman who attempts/manages/comes close to delivering without them but I don't think I will be one of those women.  We did have the pleasure of meeting another couple having twins who we traded email addresses with. I have heard over and over that having another mother of multiples to talk to can be incredibly helpful so I was thrilled to add another m
ommy to add to my cache of twins support. 

I am happy to report also that the nursery is almost done!  I've been working on things here and there to get it ready but we are one or two details away from being done.  We aren't really fans of the super matchy matchy coordinated nursery sets and even though we are having boys I refused to douse the room in blue so we opted for a more organic/neutral look and are very pleased with how it turned out.  I am still trying to decide on the colors of the monogram decals, once they are up I promise I will post pics for everyone to see!

Speaking of pics, here is the belly at 29 weeks

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