Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It has been brought to my attention that I have been completely slacking in regards to this blog, and it's true, and I am sorry.  I don't even have a good excuse, like working around the clock or exhaustion or lots of exciting things happening to blame.  In fact it's the exact opposite, not a lot has been happening and I feel a little ridiculous blogging about the somewhat mundane day to day details of my life as a stay at home pregnant lady.

That being said let's play catch up. Since my last blog post I have made it to the second trimester!  I don't know that it's the magical utopia I was promised, but I am feeling quite a bit better.  Food is no longer evil and there is a peace of mind that comes with knowing we have made it this far.  I still have some anxiety and worry about the babies, I often wonder when I will have complete peace with this pregnancy.  I remarked to Brady that I would feel better once we hit 20 weeks, he said he would feel better once we hit 42 weeks :).  Still every day it becomes more real and the ever growing belly is certainly helping us feel more reassured that things are progressing as they should.  I am at that stage where I feel like I just look like I have enjoyed one too many pints of Ben and Jerry's but I hope the official prego belly will show up here soon.

Earlier this week we had an in-depth ultrasound and found out we are having twin boys!  We couldn't be more excited. I was hoping for a boy and a girl for a little variety but truly we just want two healthy babies.  The ultrasound was kind of amazing, seeing in detail their little bodies, fingers and toes, the hearts and spine kind of blew my mind and I have a whole new appreciation for ultrasound technicians! I have no idea how they can tell what is what (although some things are pretty obvious) and I keep staring at the pictures trying to wrap my mind around the fact that those are my little guys. We have our list of names pretty whittled down but for now I am simply referring to them as "righty and lefty" and talk to them every day, because I wasn't crazy enough before I now talk to myself.   As of tomorrow I will be 17 weeks, which means about 5 more months to go until the insanity really starts, until then I am enjoying lots of quiet down time while I still have it.

And as requested by many, here is a pic of the quasi-prego belly at around 15 weeks


  1. Thanks for sharing Amber. Keep the pics coming and one day you can take this little blog and bind it and share it with your boys when they are old enough to be properly anointed.

  2. You look amazing! Keep blogging!

  3. You look beautiful! And I agree with the comments above. Keep sharing :)